Purchase oil of high quality glazing small doohickey talks 7 times
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From the experiment theoretic tell should determine the chemical composition of glazing oil. From application for angle, it is the glazing oily quality that will check an user to buy with simple method.

① smells odour

Content of UV oil firm makes an appointment with 95% above, solid content material is volatile very small. Because this good glazing is oily flavour is very small, the printing ink scent that should use than pressworking is small. Yue Xiaoyue of the odour after solidify is good.

② measures solvent content

glazing oil buy is entered belt inside scale household utensils (the diameter is less than 50mm) , place paper 12h, observation volatilized how many. See those who be less than exterior position drop commonly. If apparent observation goes out,drop, explain the dissolvent inside glazing oil is overmuch, it is the false and inferior product that former glazed oil has added thinner.

③ has phenomenon of the skin that do not have a knot

UV glazing oil is belonged to not conjunctiva content, like edible oil, place the surface for long to won't written guarantee skin. glass of a few glazing oily park piece the surface, after my smooth place places 24h observation has phenomenon of the skin that do not have a knot. Do not written guarantee leather specification is UV oil, it is false UV oil otherwise.

④ is exciting to cutaneous

With the back of hand of a few glazing oily park, observation makes an appointment with 20min, treat the skin bubbly, good smooth oily skin fails basically to react, and general light oil can appear erythema, bad smooth oily meeting makes the skin bubbly.

⑤ observes the color of UV oil

the observation inside the glassware with fine diaphaneity of park of UV printing ink, color jumps over shallow quality to had been jumped over.

⑥ viscosity

Choose different viscosity according to different glazing type, be like common viscosity of machine of the 3 roller, glazing that hold a tooth is 30~40s.

⑦ sheds smooth sex

Check the presswork after glazing solidify, moire specification sheds smooth sex bad. Means of settlement, it is to reduce viscosity, heat or add thinner; 2 it is the time that extends Tu Bu and solidify those who make fill billabong to make the same score, undertake solidify again.