Laser is holographic complete strategy of technology of treatment of label mould
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Laser is holographic the scattering of the generation when technical benefit consumed and corporeal action, reflex, transmission, diffractive, interference, absorb wait for basic rule, achieve some kind of special vision effect. Laser is holographic label uses laser namely holographic the part that the technology that prevent bogus makes prevents bogus, reveal sales promotion, beautification to live 3 big functions the label at a suit. Laser is holographic label is multicoloured below sunshine, should when the light is darker “ is contained and do not show however, if if do not have ” ,have, give a person with the feeling like dream, have distinctive artistic fascination.

In recent years, as holographic the rapid development of the technology that prevent bogus, laser is holographic label can present three-dimensional and stereo result not only, the change that still can spend along with viewing angle makes image arises a series of change, its effect is not common presswork the method can come true, apply extensively at product of celebrity effigies, home appliance, medicine, food, health care to taste consequently, the domain such as card of cosmetic, negotiable securities, card and handicraft, and the occurrence of mould pressing craft, make low cost, the big batch laser that make is holographic label is able to come true.

The article with respect to laser holographic the pertinent question that label mould pressing machines undertakes discussion.

One, laser is holographic the sort of label

Laser is holographic the sort of label is very much, here lists 3 commonly used kinds.

1. laser is holographic not dry glue

This kind of label is used very convenient, after be being uncovered from a position, can be stuck to other position by complete ground. Because its can be used repeatedly, lost the action that prevent bogus, reason application limits is restricted.

2. Laser is holographic prevent uncover model

Say again model laser is holographic label, its characteristic is: Should uncover label from bag mount when, the design on label already not complete, cannot use again, cannot be modelled on, had the very good effect that prevent bogus consequently, made up for not dry glue laser holographic the defect that label cannot prevent bogus. Prevent at present uncover model laser is holographic label already got applied extensively, it is laser holographic a kind when there is development future most inside label domain.

3. Laser is holographic very hot imprint model

It is laser holographic label is stuck thoroughly cheek by jowl be gotten on by packing, form an organic whole with its, and cannot uncover. If label is stickup the position is reasonable can produce the very good result that prevent bogus, its apply at present more also.

Additional, holographic to laser label still can undertake adding close, in order to raise laser holographic the technical content of label. Use at present add close method to basically have: Low frequency photoetching, laser is read, optics is small shrink, law of random interference stripe, Mo Er stripe, among them some add close method to identify very hard, can have the very good effect that prevent bogus.
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