If why produce the biggest effect of accurate instrument in presswork
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Printing machine is in in engine control system in the past weak point tremendous progress was obtained in a few years, but among them because some progress are too tiny, so their meaning often can be pressworked factory oversight. E.g. , have more the micrometer of high accuracy, pin / cover beforehand accurate system, full automatic mix for Chinese ink retrieve solidify of system, alterable UV unit, modular Control Panel, ego diagnoses feeling screen system and adjusting a system to wait without the tool is in the new product that emerges to come out now in last few years, they can are opposite almost mix to laser again to flocking from flashy solidify the each type thing of ink jet module undertakes controlling.

The precious place that these technologies progress is them to pressworking the setting of equipment and the effect that operating sequence produces want to be more than far to pressworking the influence of quality. These are newest process designing of Chinese ink of the blows Chinese ink and system of Fu Mo Dao clamp, journey speed system of central built on stilts, automatically for example in — of engine control tool control system that come out, dynamical output system, dip, cover beforehand accurate system and adjusting the — such as the system without the tool is people for.

A lot of presswork the factory bought these when buying new facility new-style in engine control tool, but very rare presswork what the factory can realize productivity through these tools is the biggest change, because made employee sufficient understand the function of these tools only, or after existing to the factory work flow had a standard, presswork factory ability realizes the benefit in engine control tool truly. Connecting general reason condition to fall, presswork the factory is fond of only buy new-style printing machine, did not notice to corresponding job flow undertakes upgrading however. But if do not have accurate and stable monitor, film / the coating of manuscript, emulsifying agent, knife that blow Chinese ink and Chemstry Department all, so right modernization pressworks the accurate control of equipment may be mentioned with respect to have no way.

Presswork brand-newly the manufacturing system that equipment conformity has to its is right any one pressworks is a business that does not pass again simply the factory, but these pressworking does the factory want to know very much again at the same time why new can introduced printing machine raise them produce can but cannot decrease presswork error or setting time? These problems basically are by imprint the bottleneck in pre-treatment process causes.

We undertake pilot to modern printing machine main goal is to improve their productivity. These control tool itself and can not produce accuracy and productivity. E.g. , what deployed system of independent built on stilts for each printer is full automatic textile printing machine is what those use low precision video technically to presswork namely factory and of the design. System of this kind of independent built on stilts is used can let presswork the accurate setting that didymous screen is over quickly below the circumstance that the factory is not adjusting the tension between screen.
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