CopyDot scanner pressworks in books and periodicals the application of the enter
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Current, presswork the industry is facing intense with each passing day competition. Each presswork the enterprise is the weight that adds in market competition, increase ceaselessly to pressworking the investment of equipment, be opposite especially the addition of new facility before imprinting and newer. Plus CTP technology mature with each passing day, copyDot scanner (say “ site copies scanner ” , platen site copies scanner and flat site to copy scanner) had revealed a glamour that defies hard. It made up for layout to need to repair the technical blemish of edition, filling edition quickly, become CTP technology, number to presswork technology and pass the go ahead of the rest of edition remotely army. Especially as presswork of the market ceaseless and open, presswork in the light of books and periodicals the enterprise, purchasing a site to copy scanner had been implementation company profit is the biggest the crucial location that change.

The action of CopyDot scanner

Tell on broad sense, technology of scanning of CopyDot site copy will hanged a kind of technology with the true and reductive manuscript of the net namely, it can be used enough high resolution comes what emersion already hanged net manuscript to go up the smallest site, and site loss can be achieved ignor, thereby can manuscript of utmost ground emersion.

Through having the character on the scanner scanning film of “CopyDot” function, line and image, the site that can get on film makes corresponding data. Such doing basically have the following effect:

(1) change into digital file with shedding the means of to hydrate to move mesh color separation film highly, reduce ab extra film, file film or the use that reflex draft.

(2) in flow of edition of makeup, group and whole digitlization work can be being blended in after the information on film is changed by data, because save time,solve polychromatic film too long, be used repeatedly or film width of cloth is too old and the overprint that cause forbids a problem.

(3) scanning software covers accurate mark or image color separation through identifying automatically piece a few detail that go up to be had at the same time, use shift or horizontal way comes lubricious to Qi Cai color separation piece, cover accurate job to be finished automatically in scanning process.

(4) it is OK also to because film hair Huang Yi is reached,have the nick, crease quality problem that pose repair has after copying scanner scan by the site.

Books and periodicals pressworks the demand of the enterprise

Current, the advertisement film of page of conduct propaganda of mass newspaper, magazine, DM still is holding the position that cannot replace completely in the market, the handiwork of advertisement film spells those who stick plate making to restricting newspaper, DM all the time to publish effectiveness for a given period of time and transmit remotely. This requirement must scan many advertisement film classics data of translate into electron, but often be covered the worry that waits for quality problem definitely at the same time again by speed, width of cloth, precision, film. And the occurrence of scanner of CopyDot site copy remedied afore-mentioned flaw gradually.
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