The number pressworks the newest development trend of printing ink
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The ink-jet printing printing ink previously has a solution only, that is water radical printing ink. It is our exclusive choice. But presswork as the number on the market of the factory increasingly grow in quantity, the printing ink system that can choose for us now also presents diversification to develop posture. Jeff · wave is written suddenly civil " digital printing ink is newest development trend " , the help pressworks the analysis that buy the home, the advantage of system of printing ink of avery kind of and inferior position, understand the characteristic of these printing ink systems then, thereby recognize is current digital printing ink most the development trend of core.

Each presswork the development cause that the enterprise has him, and while they are developing change considering market future even, use existing technology to satisfy the manufacturing requirement of current client. Because this is in a lot of moment, printing ink —— is not to presswork factory itself —— already became the significant factor that makes people make a decision.

Water radical printing ink by increasing imprint look forward to is used presswork indoor work

Water radical printing ink is based on dye and painty recipe commonly. Their service life arrives in several days between a month, and need with special besmear cloth ink jet bear imprint content cooperates to use. This kind bear imprint if owner relies on coating to absorb printing ink, the value is accordingly higher, but the price of water radical printing ink compares petty gain relatively, and the processing problem of nonexistent follow-up. The colour gamut that water radical printing ink can duplicate is the biggest in system of all printing ink almost. Now, had had more and more pressworking the enterprise begins to use water radical to presswork the indoor work that the solution will come to produce his.

Solvent printing ink is ink-jet printing market uses most printing ink system

Solvent printing ink basically is through be being permeated bear imprint substance appearance comes chromatic. They basically are for ethylene product development, and be ink-jet printing most printing ink system is used on the market. Solvent printing ink can fall to provide longer service life for the user in the situation that does not need laminating, but they are pressworking and need to heat in dry process. True dissolvent printing ink is to contain VOC (volatile organic compound) , and need pressworks the factory is adopted ventilated handle measure with other air. Overall for, besides certain beyond stricter to air quality requirement domain, the sale foreground of solvent printing ink is very hopeful still.

Environmental protection or petty gain of low dissolvent printing ink and do not contain VOC, leave out air handles a trouble

Environmental protection or low dissolvent printing ink can be used in Tu Bu or be not Tu Bu bear imprint on content. Be in when them Tu Bu bear imprint black-and-white moment undertakes on content, can control a site to expand by oneself; And be in when them be not Tu Bu bear imprint moment of the black-and-white on content, need to rely on heater / desiccator will control a site to expand. Environmental protection or low dissolvent printing ink are cheaper than true dissolvent printing ink, and do not contain VOC, leave out the trouble of air processing respect. The service life of this kind of printing ink and printing ink of dissolve the form of a drug are about the same, the user can lengthen their wear through laminating.
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