From superintend look presswork the road that accepts the order outside company
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After entering a life, the China that warms up with each passing day whether become new world to presswork of base in examining minutely, superintendency policy pressworks to China the central point that the enterprise makes each just pay close attention to gradually in the influence of the competition ability in world market. In August 2001, edit below the setting that enter a life finish " print regulation " the superintendency to business of sheet of publication of the blame outside the condition by examine and approve make changed to put on record make. Under the setting that entering a life, the shakes competition ability of international of course of study of the state-owend enterprise in showing concerned respect to increase determination of policy face. But be in specific in carrying out, each district still is faced with guard a pass in “ ” and “ raise administrative efficiency ” between, how to hold the issue of be in a dilemma of optimal balance.

With the circumstance likeness of a lot of domains, home to pressworking the management that accepts the order outside company condition is practice first at superintending. With 1997 " print regulation " release for the mark, our country to carrying on the management of the presswork outside the condition entered code times. Before this, although be in early 20 centuries the Shenzhen at the beginning of 80 time had appeared to give priority to course of study with accepting the order outside the condition 3 endowment enterprise, but the government sector makes known his position clearly to this to have what the state committee of planning released in July 1988 only however " expand about print and distribute carry on abroad imprints the announcement of an a certain number of policy measure " (abbreviation " announcement " ) . Content is person blame, structural reorganization of government of all previous classics, in those days state committee of planning (national Committee for Development Planning) had turned present country into development and reform committee. Between name replace, reveal 10 come to China for years what economic system reforms is swift and violent. With what come on stage later " print regulation " , " publication pressworks management sets " photograph comparing, although " announcement " main jumping-off place is outside encouraging home's conditional company condition, accept the order, industry of and rather than is superintended, but its partial clause is acceded by the code later however.

The times is examined and approve before

" announcement " encourage to what accept the order outside the condition attitude and the integral state of print is close together and relevant at that time. In through 20 centuries 80 time span a few years at first after the development of type, our country pressworks the technical equipment standard of the enterprise had very big rise, not only with one action turned round reform initial stage to give the situation with difficult book, begin to show the symptom of a trend of the overcapacity even. Fall in such case just about, the remarkable performance that country and the area such as Hong Kong of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, our country export a respect in presswork caused the attention of the committee of planning, together with catchs up with the western country that includes Japan inside fitly main currency appreciates considerably, of China print the price to compare a dominant position in the world apparent, concerned respect thinks to extend abroad presswork the opportunity of the market has come.
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