Choose and buy of equipment of digital contract draw a design 3 gist element
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Mention equipment of digital draw a design, the love general that the first reaction of more person used ink jet technique namely gives birth to printer of ink jet of old width of cloth. Really, love general gives birth to printer of ink jet of old width of cloth to print precision and accurate color rendition precision accurately to be able to rival high quality presswork with its, brought new lease of life to application of draw a design, initiated the new application of industry of draw a design. A few years subsequently, a few other manufacturer also roll out similar equipment, and offerred relatively complete solution. So, how to choose a plan that suits oneself, early with cannot resembling before simple from equipment foundation parameter contrast set out. Face the superhigh that each manufacturer place allege to print amount of color of precision, ink extend, and the conduct propaganda selling a site of each manufacturer, should have a pair more a mind which perceives both past and future, just can make have a blurred vision, the full moon in water.

It is crucial that essence of life follows color rendition

Pressworking domain of draw a design, application is most is commercial contract draw a design namely. Because its serve as,arrive from planar design presswork the exclusive colour assessment standard in flow and the legal basis that approbate with all possible means, because this asks to accomplish color rendition accurate, and colour deviation is worth (△ E) became the effective touchstone that assesses accuracy of its color rendition. The colour deviation of equipment of digital draw a design already all controlled 5 Aipusheng that are a delegate with Epson Stylus Pro 11880C in △ E<1 less than, error far under the industry accepted (△ E<3) standard. In the meantime, inky of dye of K3VM” of iris of unripe century of “ love general is crackajack colour stability, your user can undertake after image outputs half hours ICC curve is made wait for an operation. The smallest colour error and the fastest colour stability accomplished love general to be born in the banner position of domain of digital draw a design.

Although face more of domain of the draw a design that pack to apply the current situation lubriciously only, aipusheng also can be answered easily. With dye of K3VM” of “ century iris ink is exemple, through adding the carmine ink of taller colour density, came true to be optimized in the round to image colour while, made trade inside exclusive but essence of life allows pink of ” of baby of reductive “ Bobby and “ ” of 100 things coke is blue wait for tall difficulty colorific manufacturer. In addition, value of the biggest density can amount to the black that loves general to give birth to printout 2.41, this means the image that its output to be able to realize range of larger light and shade, reductive more administrative levels and detail, pound with strong vision to the person.
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