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Printing ink beforehand buy is right printing machine assists control all right for Mo Jin, to presswork printing ink is adjusted offer beforehand, the support of digitlization, make color of layout Chinese ink gets before switch on the mobile phone accurate adjust. Water Chinese ink is to presswork evenly craft pilot is important link, chinese ink quantity and the dynamic balance position that water estimates can affect what go up to layout to printing ink to deliver performance, those who affect layout to go up is actual quantity wanting black, accordingly printing ink exists between buy and balance of water Chinese ink beforehand certain correlation. Printing ink beforehand the application of buy technology can be promoted presswork of Mo Pingheng of the water in the process build, and good water Chinese ink also conduces to printing ink evenly beforehand the sufficient play of buy effect.

Printing ink beforehand Chinese ink of buy stimulative water is built evenly

1, balance of water Chinese ink

Concept of balance of water Chinese ink is perforative produce whole process at pressworking, be in especially switch on the mobile phone initial stage builds water Mo Pingheng as soon as possible, conduce to printing machine entering normal moving position. Good water Chinese ink is balanced, to pressworking quality is crucial.

Water Chinese ink includes two ideas evenly, it is layout sails upstream the relative balance of quantity and Chinese ink quantity, assure to be in the oily condition that wrap water to fall in printing ink namely, printing ink place contains fountain solution bulk than be 15% ~ 26% , the biggest do not exceed 30% . 2 it is to use the smallest water quantity to imprint a the truest black is lubricious. Among them the a bitth it is fundamental balance, the balance that 2 o'clock is more expensive arrangement of ideas. The first kind of balance gets more easily, do not appear Shui Xiaomo big or water big handwriting or painting is small can, but appear easily water big handwriting or painting Shui Xiaomo's big or small circumstance, the 2nd kind of position solved water big handwriting or painting basically Shui Xiaomo's big or small circumstance.

Layout needs Chinese ink quantity and the balance of the quantity that offer Chinese ink is the key link that forms water Chinese ink to balance position. Printing machine sails upstream, on the careful degree of Chinese ink management is different. In paper printing machine, water amount has adjustment with the width limits of every quarto layout, and undertake in order to restrict 40mm width scope adjustment to the control of printing ink. Printing ink is adjusted more meticulous, appear easily also so unbalance of Chinese ink of water of area of a certain Chinese ink, because this wants to achieve Chinese ink of whole layout water to balance, odd quantity relying on water is adjusted cannot get, must adjust through Chinese ink quantity undertake balanced.

We discover, newspaper assist unified judge a newspaper even each factory interior is judged announce the correct time, chinese ink color is lowest of the mark in 4 all index, balance of water Chinese ink is undesirable it is main influencing factor. Accordingly, according to wanting black actually the quantity undertakes Mo Jian is installed, it is to form one of basises that good water Chinese ink balances full space of a whole page, this also is printing ink beforehand what buy balances to water Chinese ink is good promote.
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