From superintend look presswork the road that accepts the order outside company
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OK and affirmative is, in the beginning of be determined drives presswork to export, to pressworking about the respect the problem that the likelihood accepts the order to appear outside company condition has foreknown somewhat, in the regulation so supplied materials is machined while business can enjoy concerned privilege policy, " announcement " right bear imprint the qualification of the enterprise undertook making clear formulary, put forward bear imprint enterprise and foreign capital company should are opposite imprint content undertakes checkup.

Be full of planned economy colorific " announcement " imprint to abroad carry on the regulation of enterprise qualification has times distinguishing feature quite. Bear imprint enterprise besides must satisfy “ technology standard tall, presswork quality is good, presswork cycle weak point, management is good, have the rigid regulation of shipment condition ” , in the roll that still must choose in concerned branch, and the choice limits of the first batch of enterprises confine is in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong to wait for city of a few a few provinces. To prevent bear imprint the price between the enterprise competes, " announcement " still enjoin China pressworks company protocol quotes external, after be being approved via concerning a branch, consult by each district carry out.

With strict admittance the regulation is premise, with article imprints clearly later examine and approve system photograph to compare, " announcement " photogenic contrast is examined in the content of presswork more comfortable. According to concerned clause, imprint via waiting except emperor of article of religious books and periodicals, China and foreign countries an approval of bureau of religion of the State Council wanting a newspaper outside, other imprint content examines You Chengyin enterprise and foreign trade company to undertake, “ every content is reactionary fantastic, pornography of our country of bawdy, attack and dignity of our country having damage imprint, uniform refus imprints ” . Appear only bear imprint the case that the unit cannot decide just needs to sign up for a province (city) news publication bureau is authorized. As necessary process, bear imprint the factory needs will bear imprint the contract reports a duplicate to door of local news publication bureau, The Ministry of Commerce and Industry and custom put on record, accept its to supervise an examination.

" announcement " imprint to abroad the administrative regulation of a finished product, semi-manufactured goods is the concerned code place later basically to accede.

According to the requirement, abroad imprints finished product, semi-manufactured goods should manage strictly, imprint all exit, redundant part destroy by melting or burning, do not get prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Just compare with the policy photograph that tightens up with each passing day later, " announcement " still entrust for abroad imprint in home give, issue took a cut, be in charge of batch of article of the branch by right of the class that visit a department, undertake give, emission unit but with presswork the enterprise is dealt with presswork of finished product turn over formalities.
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