From superintend look presswork the road that accepts the order outside company
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By examine and approve put on record

Very the phenomenon of afford for thought is, inside the while with quite long after this, the state committee of planning releases " announcement " became a government sector to pressworking the only that accepts the order outside company condition makes known his position, include to was released 1988 " presswork the industry runs provisional way " inside a series of superintend concerned regulations, file, announcement to all was not involved with print to pressworking the management that accepts the order outside company condition, till 1997 " print regulation " promulgate. And in this time of near 10 years, the circumstance of domestic print had produced the change that your person expect is less than. Presswork as Hong Kong the ” of “ north change of the enterprise and Taiwan presswork the “ of the enterprise enters ” on the west, accept the order outside the condition, the circumstance that churchyard machines is in the foreland that is a delegate with Guangdong is already special and general. Because the issue involves overall situation of cultural and ideological progress, expose exposed a few problems gradually in increasingly frequent presswork improvement trade, it is what come on stage later " print regulation " concerned clause did matting.

Began to execute in May 1997 " print regulation " a main feature is the aggrandizement on the foundation in standardization to pressworking the superintendency of the industry. With " presswork the industry runs provisional way " photograph comparing, " byelaw " will be aimed at system of licensing of black-and-white of print of books and newspaper to be popularized only originally not only whole presswork industry, and proclaimed in writing prohibits establishing a foreign trader solely invested presswork enterprise. Specific to management accepts the order to go up outside the condition, " byelaw " although cancelled to be opposite,carry on the checkup of qualification of company of the business outside the condition, but specific however provision, carry on the publication outside the condition prints, presswork the lawful proof file that the enterprise must hold concerned copyright, publish service to approve via provincial news; Carry on presswork of decorate of condition outer packing prints, also must pass the examine and verify of concerned branch. This in fact establish carry on the examination of business of the sheet outside the condition system.

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