Reason treats Olympic Games holiday to do civilized consumption
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Draw near of the Olympic Games increasingly as Beijing, the hundred years big the main chance that encounters hard, consumer also is preparing all sorts of plans at the same time to receive an Olympic Games or go to the spot to undertake watching in person, to avoid a few item that all sorts of accidents and needless expenditure and place of Olympic Games going there and back should notice, city disappear is protected appoint release this to consume clew especially, the dimension authority during will doing good Olympic Games works.

One, treat businessman sales promotion correctly

According to the country industrial and commercial bureau of total bureau brand issues 2 years " Olympic mark protects byelaw " the 4th, the 5th relevant regulation, every involves the sign that concerns with the Olympic Games, need to indicate via Olympic obligee is permitted, will tell commonly, commodity of relevant Olympic Games can be bought in the specific door inn of BOCOG accredit or website only, if have a businessman,publicizing medium commodity, resemble imprinting have graph of ” of “ Fu Wa and “ the dress of the mark such as mark of 5 annulus ” , the relevant document that if do not have the 29th Olympic Games to organize committee,the license uses, violate compasses commodity namely, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has authority to undertake investigating to its, so, such commodity, consumer must not be bought, once appear quality problem, after service cannot be ensured.

2, buy commodity practical give priority to

Some consumer to watch an Olympic Games better, hard to avoid can add the equipment of a few home appliance such as a few televisions, air conditioning, sound box, disc player, computer, if not be,need somewhat truly, often also can use later, it is to be an Olympic Games merely additional add, when consumer is being bought, answer with practical for dominant, need not undertake luxurious purchase, more needless the sales promotion stunt that listens to a businessman gently, temporarily impulse is bought, guide the decoration is made after paying, this is wasteful money not just, also be wasteful resource, it is idea of the reason that violates ” of motion of “ new consumption to advocate, responsibility, civilized consumption more.

3, schedule time of reasonable work and rest

To watch an Olympic Games, everybody meets hard to avoid try every means get newest coverage for a short while, consequently very be necessary to undertake be reducinged rectifying to life work and rest, ensure do not affect the work, rest, do not affect the daily life of other people at the same time, period of intense heat of summer also is during the Olympic Games, consumer is watched in air conditioning room want an attention to temperature is controlled and undertake appropriately ventilated, prevent cold and infection of respiratory tract disease. If can, family is best can rise centrally watch, avoid n excess load to move, bring a burden with n to the society.
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