Energy-saving clean water implement deceive people consumer of accumulate wealth
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According to consumer report, the near future has a few to contain the person of southern accent, with city of company of tap water of “ Yantai town, Yantai energy-saving the name that does ” , come to promote a kind nominal 3 scene of “ the clean water of ” card implement. Acceptance makes consumer free use, collection 398 yuan of cash pledge, the cash pledge after a month is returned. The seal on receipt of cash pledge gathering is “ big Yu Jing changes finance affairs of limited company of science and technology special chapter ” . Left Yantai city to consumer energy-saving the connection telephone call that handle: 6070193.

Disappear of classics Yantai city assist the staff member dials this phone inquiry, those who hold mandarin accent the personnel that professing is ” of workstation of ministry of “ Hua Beishui benefit, it is to be “ Shandong energy-saving do ” to extend clean water implement. When the working address that enquires him, this person also is not informed anyhow. Subsequently city disappear assist the staff member implemented concerned department again, check solid Yantai city to do not have “ big Yu Jing to change ” of limited company of science and technology at all, the telephone number that leaves is Yantai net the imprest cost that tells a company is small well-informed. This are small well-informed be need not nominative deal with. Shandong of ” of workstation of ministry of irrigation works of “ China north, “ is energy-saving doing ” to be in Yantai is fictitiousing zero more, markets clean water implement be 3 without the product.

For this, society of Yantai city consumer releases consumptive caution: If encounter,have come to promote, supply the clean water that uses freely implement, do not be duped please