Ginseng is round (individual) travel needs to notice
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One, note of the travel that join a group:

1, attend swim to choose normal travel agent please inside city, not conduct propaganda of credulous small advertising;

2, should sign travel contract with travel agent, before signing a contract, the attention is examined eat, live, travel, swim (entrance ticket) whether complete package, the standard is appropriate, whether to include to shop etc; To related to oneself rights and interests, the provision that both sides approves, should write travel contract;

3, buy accident danger appropriately, although travel agent already was cast guarantee a place difficult of access of travel agent responsibility, but the compensation that when be confined to travel agent to did not perform oneself duty, assumes, and float of the Pan Ya that the tourist attends travel agent to organize, expeditionary sex, dive, ski, parachute, skip extremely wait for the travel activity that has tall risk, because the neglect of travel agent or error cause accident of losing of tourist person casualties, belongings, belong to the category of additional risk. If want to enter activity of tall risk travel, needed advisory travel agent to whether buy corresponding additional risk, additional and best oneself purchase an accident insurance again;

2, the individual swims note:

Mountain-climbing note:

1, plan to travel beforehand before travel course, sufficient understanding hands in access condition, enter a mountainous area should notice cave in falls stone and road shoulder cave in.

2, dress and shoe should notice particularly before mountain-climbing, want the hill on light as far as possible, little band is sundry, in order to reduce load; Shoe should choose the smooth bottom shoe such as shoe of gym shoes, cloth and travel shoe, do not wear high-heeled shoes, lest create mountain-climbing inconvenience and security of be a hindrance to; Crutch of have the aid of should notice choice accident, weight is equal with strong.

3, should notice atmosphere is forecasted before travel, dress of timely increase and decrease. When receiving rain, umbrella cannot be used on hill and want to use a raincoat, this is to avoid thunder, prevent hill umbrella of belt of windward Dalian person runs to bag.

4, should accomplish view scene not to walk, do not watch on foot scene; Special attention wants when taking a picture safe, want to choose to be able to ensure safe place and angle, should notice rock has calm to change more especially.

5, notice oneself travel is safe, not the travel that do sth without authorization goes to to was not opened is a mountainous area with dangerous and a mountainous area amuse oneself; Avoid the country play that runs in nobody as far as possible; Water area of the deep pool that is not managing without lifesaving personnel, brook swims reach paddle.

6, mountain-climbing should note forest zone fire prevention, sightseeing cannot smoke on the way. Cherish environment, do not destroy landscape resource; Safeguard beauty spot environment neat, do not discard arbitrarily rubbish
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