Move trade problem is much, plan little issue carefully
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Shenzhen is emigrant city, in the personnel that Shenzhen works, basically everybody has a few times move experience. Offer move the company of the service also emerge as the times require, but also appeared at the same time a lot of notting have card is not had according to manage embezzle even the circumstance of operation of formal company name, because move,serve doorsill bottom, competition is intense, from quality of personnel of course of study uneven, classics regular meeting produces a few issue. Complain about what move happen from time to tome, since this year, city Consumer's Committee receives this kind is complained seek advice from nearly 50.

The main issue that consumer reflects has: Article waits in furniture of the attaint in carrying a course, electric home appliances

Shenzhen city Consumer's Committee warns customer, move at present the industry still is put in a few problems, consumer is moving in the process plan carefully as far as possible, avoid to produce issue, basically note the following problem:

One, pre-construction:

1, arrange carry article list: Undertake classified arranging to wanting carried article, small-sized valuable is best oneself are carried and special pack; No matter be the packing that pack or uses remover what he undertakes to offer, had done register, right damageable the part that place has sliding consolidate, easily undertakes fixed; Clear the article inside furniture, loss produces in preventing to carry a course; Consult home appliance manual or call home appliance to produce manufacturer, understand the note in home appliance is being carried and installing a process; Carry the article that special attention needs in the process, had become special symbol, big article of easy attaint had better take a picture keep; The special article such as piano had better seek advice from concerned manufacturer home to carry the note in the process, if manufacturer is offerred,carry a service, had better ask manufacturer to undertake carrying;

2, deal with corresponding proof: The village that understands new old home asks to what move, the formalities that need deals with is dealt with ahead of schedule; If jockey more difficult, had better make an appointment ahead of schedule;
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