Beware digital electron product (mobile phone) bilk
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Oneself work to be stimulated at 2008-08-22 date place in Beijing (Http:// ) network address, its name is bazaar of Xin flourishing electron, on the net solid however OK also search arrives. Contact its the solid inn address that online sale asked them (firm address: Be stupefied date of?017 of copy of  of Kai of L of lax of banter of  ∩ a bell-shaped percussion instrument n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor (sweet close lake goes vacationing village edge) ) , settle on associate I909 mobile phone asks them the mobile phone is wholesale and retail not, it is OK that he says the price is 560 yuan, and assure be complete travel goods arrives inside 3 days. I ask him can goods arrives pay, he says to be no good, can make deposit first. I came off work that day late I say I make money to you again in the evening, he says to go, deliver goods to me immediately. The heart thinks I had not handed in deposit other people to deliver goods to me quite trustful I, I give account of that Construction Bank to them at once after then I come off work made deposit, 260 yuan (note: Have evidence of bank remit money) (card number: 6227003106030013150 open an account renown: Zhang Kuaiming) the following day I contact their sale to ask to receive deposit, he says " received, goods of what you are at ease, postage also is the company goes to assure to me again all wool and a yard wide, the holiday is accompanied 10, dissatisfactory termless it is OK also to return money complain or hit 110 " . August 24, the person of a southern accent (mobile phone date is: 15810346583 Beijing) the person calls to me, say " goods already arrived, I must give it the money of remnant a surname (Zhang Kuaiming) after hitting complete be clear, call to just deliver goods to me to him. I say I want to see goods makes money again first, he says to be no good. Do not have method next I give it 300 money that leave again (Zhang Kuaiming) hit the past (note: Have evidence of bank remit money) . The telephone call that calls him says I already was hit. He says he wants to close below fact, hit to me again after 3 minutes. Where do I ask he is in? He says he is in Beijing 6 郞 village, I waited for that person ten minutes to telephone, he says to receive money can deliver goods to me, but the risk gold that wants me to make 1000 money. Why do I ask he wants to hand in risk gold? He says " their product is to contraband evade taxes evade taxation to come over, and be first time cooperate, in Beijing carry goods is afraid of to have an accident on the road to me, if go out,finish sth I those 1000 money were done not have, if did not have an accident,say to send me this give me 1000 ready money again. I listen to a feeling incorrect interest, I say that myself took money in the past. He says to be no good, be afraid that I bring a police. I say I do not have money, I ask to return money, it is OK that he says. Let myself be contacted then with sale ministry, gave me a mobile phone number then (13560764285 Shenzhen) , I hit the past, the person of accent of another southern Guangdong, I say I ask to return money. He follows my 啰 Suo a long time, I interrupt even half talking opportunity is done not have. I am loud say to him " I should return money " . Then the individual just stops say, returning money is possible. But can return the % that returns my sum only 10. Also say to be able to withdraw 56 my fund only, even 28 are hit to me again, enrage me quickly dead. Hanged a phone next, this Beijing date gives again hit a few times, say to hold out regrettablly, goods calls me to think gold of method collect neat risk to Beijing, no matter I am to steal ah grab, know very well at the moment already was trapped cannot go to again in went. Enrage me quickly dead, I say I want to complain you. He says " good ah, informal you " next with respect to hang up.
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