Vigilant blame spot shops medium trap
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As the diversity of means of purchase and sale, blame spot shops to already made the consumptive way of current fashion. However, liaoning saves consumer society to warned broad customer a few days ago, beware of is not the trap of spot shopping existence.

In recent years, more and more consumer get consumptive information from inside the media advertisement such as TV, broadcast, newspaper, magazine and Internet, through mail or the means such as deliver goods undertakes buying. But, buy commodity through be not spot channel, consumer regular meeting encounters inferior in quality, without after service and “ 3 packets of ” and advertisement conduct propaganda not agree with wait for a problem, have more very person, consumer collected cash, disappear however send bought commodity. It is reported, the operator that blame spot shops uses the means consign product that express comes or post office takes oneself normally, constant oversight asks for consumer shopping bill, also some operator pretend bill already was added inside the product box that pack, after consumer receives a product, discover however do not have bill at all, the result brings about dimension authority to do not have evidence.

Wearing as a result of existence afore-mentioned a lot of problems, at present is not the spot to shop to had become Liaoning to save 12315 complained new heat. He says, because be not the spot to shop,have do not shop at the spot, purchase and sale is bilateral need not face-to-face, go up so objectively fake the product left a space. So, when undertaking the spot shops is not, want to increase caution more without fail. In the meantime, because be not spot shopping consumer to need not visit the site, the businessman executes deliver goods to come, brought to consumer convenient. Be this kind of so-called deliver goods however those who come is convenient, disadvantageous to the action old people and job are busy person formed temptation, for this, these two kinds of consumer more should the trap of shopping existence of vigilant blame spot