False medicine why can straightway?
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The false medicine that does not have any medical effect why can hall and the ground of emperor enters a hospital through normal medicine company, is what endanger disease to suffer from personnel directly healthy? The Yangyong that Zhejiang saves detachment of public security of public security bureau of golden China city to be in charge of detecting this case builds big team leader to express, "321 " case of sale false drug exposed the serious safety that at present my traditional Chinese medicine tastes current domain to exist hidden trouble. Yang Yongjian introduces, the company that at present our country runs to be engaged in medicines and chemical reagents and salesperson all have rigid admittance system and administrative demand, but in this case

In Ke Dianjie of main crime suspect, the person such as Zhao Jianliang, Wang Jianli is engaged in false medicine when sales compaign, all save a god to promote the name of clerk of limited company of medical medicinal material with Heibei, offer for its by the company " company business charter " , " a power of attorney of legal person accredit " , " entrance medicines and chemical reagents registers card " , " entrance medicines and chemical reagents examines report " , " business certificate of medicines and chemical reagents " , " card of sale personnel mount guard " wait for relevant file data and value added tax special bill, annual to its collection of 20 thousand yuan of RMBs hang rely on cost and turnover the cost of make out an invoice of 4% . According to investigation, this kind " hang lean " management form comparatives in management domain of medicines and chemical reagents general. Because this is planted " hang lean " formal existence, the country sold a variety of administration provisions that make to often become a mere scrap of paper for normative medicines and chemical reagents.

Next, look from the origin of false medicine, at present the scale of production of our country false medicine develops ceaselessly. Be risked by copy in this case the manufacturer home of " of He Puding of " of medicines and chemical reagents is the England with famous whole world company of Shi Ke of Ge Lan element, introduce according to this company staff member, home is sham in recent years the case of this factory product happens time and again, this factory receives come from patient of countrywide each district complain an amount to show clear ascendant trend. And the investigation of "321" case also makes clear, guangdong area is the main distribution centre that the whole nation makes carry out false medicine, therefrom pours out of the false medicine of a lot of countrywide areas.

As we have learned, the medicines and chemical reagents that original medicine company and hospital purchase to place can undertake sampling detecting, although such meetings are caused taller detect cost, bring about raise drug price, but also rose to be on guard really the effect that false medicine flows into. However in recent years, as drug price reduce ceaselessly, medical inspect branch has made a requirement no longer to sampling observation, distributors of medicines and chemical reagents should have all sorts of files of normal channel only, can sell a hospital drug, and the hospital just often adopts the way that examines file and exterior of range estimation medicines and chemical reagents to undertake examining. Rise ceaselessly as a result of what make false technology, the false medicine that the person that make a holiday forges is mixed almost on the exterior true medicine exactly like, professional even medical personnel differentiates very hard also by range estimation true bogus. Went up so objectively to be caused fake once medicines and chemical reagents enters normal channel OK straightway the situation in reaching patient hand. The drug-store chairman of some hospital represents helplessly, if ranking medicines and chemical reagents is current,segment gave an issue, and have all ready proof file, so it is true that he makes sure the medicine in him drug-store is all very hard also.
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