Declining tendency health care is tasted
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Is declining tendency health care tasted how enterprising? Year head, we review.

Health care tasted a sale to tend last year declining tendency, sale market cold and cheerless and the circumstances with company structure difficult change appear again, health care tastes the impetus that grows 7 years continuously to be squelched, the enterprise is tasted how to be spent in the health care that is in transition period, become test.

Vane: Feedback according to the market, health care tasted a sale to grow to have 5.8% only than the corresponding period last year, maintain the sale that increases in two digit 7 years to compare continuously, drop apparently, especially festal sale drops 44% , health care tastes wholesale and serious suffocate suffocate, before the festival a lot of in small retail business no longer a large number of replenish onr's stock, turn and receive other festival goods, bazaar sale have enough to meet need has so 20 days of sale, turn for 60 days, cause a large number of accumulating goods, industry product sale still has a few old brands to go only situation is better, for instance he waits for dimension of bolus of green treasure, terrapin, 21 gold, remove product sale newly to make a decoration.   

Taste the market with respect to health care such sale state, also be the true portraiture of the industry actually, according to market rule, health care tastes the moving state in these a few years to have a few more the following basic characteristic:   

   A, override on real consumption

On this proposition, health care tastes an enterprise or personnel of operator, sale has too much deep feeling, the sale overrides at the abnormal phenomenon of consumer, will be the key that breaks through health care to taste sale oneself, on the one side of real consumption, it is to need to build a bridge jointly, no matter be to be on the conduct propaganda of sanitarian product, of the product make up on, on the method of sale, health care tastes the strategy decorate classy etc, all need equal treatment. So, the operation is being tasted what to get on in health care is override on real consumption want distinction to come out, be a product make up go up with product content, taste according to current health care make up a circumstance to analyse, content, composition and consumer think gotten result does not become direct ratio, namely the active ingredient that a lot of health care taste cannot make consumer satisfactory; On the 2 educational spending that are pair of products, emphasize the effect of Chinese traditional medicine too much, and oversight makes scientific and objective evaluation to the rationality of sanitarian action; The 3 too much flaw that are the existence on propagandist mode, according to market observation, at present health care tastes the conduct propaganda that is jumping-off place with the market on conduct propaganda less, the sale of the product is specific target, seasonal, negative effect, for instance no-no wait, just is the place that consumer needs to communicate; 4 it is price issue, health care is tasted regard food as special perhaps food, price impact is clearer still, override namely over consumption, the problem that appears so is many concentration the festival is used or become a festival to consume a target.   
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