How does new product make promotion? - - case piece
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Sale of bazaar shop practice is promoted (SP) (this plan applies to a project to guide period)

Early days of products introducing to the market should use all-around, stereo, hard, weak market to publicize promotion, a SP sells to run as follows in terminal:

One, mobile purpose:

1, 0 distances and cause client group contact, transmit drop of profit of product idea, product quickly. (two months are changeless)

2, let a target consume new product of group of understanding, understanding, try out, experience.

3, let a target consume group of acknowledge what to need to him, guide, educational consumer.

4, manufacturer field heat, community heat, city heat.

5, attract a large number of targets to consume group.

2, mobile theme: Care family we he -- , lottery gives free greatly

3, mobile time: New product guides period

4, mobile content

One) the arrangement inside bazaar:

1, provide two first-class sales promotion staff, introduce product, company, agent and consumptive monitoring concept to the client, aggrandizement company product gives the client's interest the point.

2, the special subject that broadcasts a company to consume monitoring piece, had better broadcast with big TV.

3, conditional bazaar can produce question and answer of knowledge of a diminutive " lottery gives free greatly, care family we he " activity.  

Mobile measure:

1) the salesperson extends to the client shop product data, inform us actively this paragraph of time is undertaking having activity of lottery of award knowledge interlocution, the answer after reading a material is correct a problem can lottery, win a prize in a lottery is led hundred, still have big reward -- shop product (wait for calm) .

2) gift: The gift like cent and a big award (shop product) , the little gift that general gift makes for the company (wait for calm) ; Big award is shop product among them, have big reward every day, where day takes out seasonable complement another.

3) case of a lottery is established beside shop, contain inside the ping-pong of two kinds of color, fizzle out among them chromosphere has 1 only, other is white ball 49; Volume of card of a problem, there is card of 40 pieces of problems inside (had better prepare 100 pieces to work) .

4) regular: Answer sb's question problem can lottery; Lottery opportunity is only; Smoke white ball to be commemorative award, smoke maize ball to be big award; 100% win a prize in a lottery, have big reward every day.

4, consumptive monitoring product enters bazaar DM.

5, spot POP advertisement.

Principle: Concise reflect information of consumptive monitoring product, lottery news of big activity giving free.

2) the SP outside bazaar:

1, in bazaar advocate reveal establishs point of a conduct propaganda, sales promotion personnel (young lady) the position that the each client conduct propaganda of all along bazaar consumes monitoring product and points out shop and lottery activity matters concerned.

2, in bazaar advocate the door hangs a banner: Wish to consume course of study of reopen of monitoring shop grand. Or hang two vertical stroke, pretext: "Company of × wishing × exported an industry in July the first " ; "Course of study of reopen of grand of shop of monitoring of consumption of × wishing × "  
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