Hong Kong begins activity of the drug that make a holiday
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Be opposite to raise Hong Kong citizen further the vigilance of false medicine, avoid to be bought by accident and take false drug by accident, couplet of pharmacy of Hong Kong scientific research can announce with shopkeeper 10 thousand peace cooperate hand in hand 25 days, begin " false drug of whole city blow acts greatly " .

Couplet of pharmacy of Hong Kong scientific research is met chairman Chen Chongguang expresses on the press conference, couplet can be dedicated to hitting false medicine all along, ever carried the promotion activity that conducts different kind for many times in the past, heighten the public personage understanding to false medicine. Besides, conference member also undertakes couplet ceaselessly research, high-tech is joined to prevent bogus label to wait on its medicines and chemical reagents, in case sham.

He says, cooperate this with 10 thousand peace, it is to hope to provide a convenient advisory medium of communication for the citizen. When the citizen has suspicion to medicaments, the 10 thousand peaceful retailing shops that can reach point of dispensation of major of 29 have as an attached institution at any time, register apothecary to seek to major seek advice from a service freely. 10 thousand peace register apothecary to be able to assist a citizen to understand medicaments to pack new old different, and city civil medicine is correct; If suspicion is false medicine, register apothecary to be able to assist a citizen to fill on report form, couplet of pharmacy of scientific research of pass on Hong Kong can reach concerned pharmaceutical factory. Concerned pharmaceutical factory will make follow-up in client of the contact inside fortnight.

According to introducing, false drug problem floods world each district all the time, concerned data shows, the remedy that the whole world has 10 % about is false medicine, because take a case with false deadly medicine,have more in and other places of Nigeria, India. Hong Kong custom goes two years in harbor each area undertakes 9 new Territories ransack the action, the of all kinds and pinchbeck Western medicine that check obtains in all 48, total value of kinds or types of goods 488 thousand HK dollar.