Discern inferior film has unique skill: Buy ⒈ is spruce of pigheaded ⒀ Shao
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1. hand is felt. High grade film is felt have thick and flowing sense, inferior film is very soft very thin, lack enough tenacity, and easy corrugate.

2. Hear nasally. Content of the benzene in dissolvent of remain of inferior film sub is tall, have peculiar smell, car of can severe harm advocate healthy.

3. Soon. See clairvoyant sex, definition. The definition of film of high grade explosion proof can amount to 90 % above, and no matter color depth, clairvoyant function all good, in nightly, wet drive a vehicle also can assure good line of sight. And what inferior film uses is common coloring craft, rely on color heat insolation, color is so deep, look to always have hazy sense outwards from the car.

See the price. With truckload (before be not being contained, block, scuttle) outfit stick the price to be exemple: 80 ~ 150 yuan with 300 ~ 500 yuan is glue coloring film, belong to inferior film; 1000 ~ 2500 yuan basic it is beautiful homebred film, although the value is higher than before two kinds, but character is reliable. As to 5000 ~ 8000 yuan price has a drop exorbitant.

See quality assure. Only manufacturer home pledges the film that keeps card just is calculable, of manufacturer protect cartoon to often be included character maintain pattern of credit side of project, fixed number of year, compensate character, and true but address of target-seeking manufacturer name and phone.

Whether does the reverse side that watchs film have the sign that prevent bogus. The reverse side of explosion proof film of regular brand imprints have the sign that prevent bogus.

4. Brush with alcohol, benzine. Because inferior film is glue coloring film, sub is wiped after the covering layer of purify film so, fade it is thus clear that namely phenomenon.