Heilongjiang province holds food safety to superintend spot communication integr
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In October 2005 20 ~ 21 days, medicines and chemical reagents of Heilongjiang province food supervised management board to hold safety of complete province food to superintend spot communication integratedly to meet. Safety of food of supervisory management board of national provision medicines and chemical reagents coordinates safety of department, food the unit leader such as supervisory management board of medicines and chemical reagents of food of Coordination Committee of safety of food of censorial department, Heilongjiang province, Heilongjiang province attended the meeting.

The conference summed up Heilongjiang to save food safety to superintend the job integratedly, superintended next jobs integratedly to saving food safety completely to undertake overall deploy. Safety of complete province food superintends key of job laying a condition integratedly is to strengthen rural food security " two nets " , begin rural food safety deep special punish works; 2 it is to strengthen food safety to superintend a system integratedly to build further, aggrandizement superintends function integratedly; 3 it is each city land should clutch make food safety superintend information to release administrative measure; 4 it is to strengthen system of food safety credit to advance the job further; 5 it is to carry out food to be at ease project, do good food safety to evaluate the work integratedly; 6 it is thorough begin food safety abidingly to publicize education to work; 7 it is the lash-up preparation job that does safety of good holiday food to break out incident; The 8 action that are play food guild and expert; 9 it is to had done the working summary 2005; 10 it is food safe and integrated superintendency personnel should raise modern level of management.

Visit 13 town completely (the ground) county of benefit of bureau, suddenly, guest county and Du Meng county part to superintended the experience that obtains in the job, practice integratedly to have congress communication with respect to food safety.

Li Yunlong of director of supervisory management board of medicines and chemical reagents of Heilongjiang province food emphasizes wanting to accomplish to the job henceforth " 5 conformity and use " : It is to want conformity and use governmental resource, build the platform that the government takes seriously and supports ceaselessly, 2 it is to want conformity to use superintendency resource, build food safety to supervise platform integratedly ceaselessly, 3 it is to want conformity and use information resource, build platform of strong website sth resembling a net ceaselessly, 4 it is to want conformity to use social resource, build the platform of safety of complete society attention, supervisory food ceaselessly, 5 it is to want conformity to use enterprise resource, build enterprise self-discipline platform ceaselessly.