RFID and bar code technology will coexist for a long time in Chinese retail indu
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The near future, wo Erma adopts technique of RFID of the promotion on meeting of project supplier brief introduction in Fosan EPC, ask all suppliers will remove all carry to go to hill Mu club on January 20, 2009 the product packing box that deserves to send center and retail shop below the banner needs fibrous root occupies new norm (EPC) , stick electronic product label, the mark is worn its are in China blow the bugle that popularizes RFID technology in the round.

To this, watch international analysis easily to think: Although Woerma had achieved sizable earnings from inside RFID application, but combine current situation of current country retail trade, the RFID technology application in retail industry will coexist for a long time with bar code technology.

Above all, although RFID technology has a lot of advantage, can help economic labour cost, real time supply catenary government, raise moving efficiency to wait, but its cost is exorbitant cannot apply at sheet product, and the limitation that because work,pledges in low frequency and the material that get paste thing, in encounter a few wear away, water is sealed or when the interference problem such as magnetization, identify the effect to be affected very easily, the likelihood appears lose read, the situation that the fault reads.

Next, woerma is fond of retail trade tycoon promote electronic ticket, because,be can cost of managing and many manpower, but this does not apply to home business of other and retail industry, because the manpower cost of current our country still has apparent comparison,this is advantage, accordingly, the pressing sex of use RFID is not tall.

These elements caused current RFID technology to did not gain revolutionary headway in retail industry application, especially the cost of RFID still does not agree with at present the sheet of low value consumable is tasted use, because this form piles up a kind of complement that will serve as RFID inside very long period of time,the solution exists; Additional, the processing problem that RFID label uses medium privacy issue, magnetism to pollute problem and deserted label is the difficult problem that the need in process of RFID technology promotion solves, and the use of bar code label does not involve these problems; Accordingly, in light of the current situation that uses from the maturity that at present bar code technology uses in retail industry and RFID technology, the application of RFID technology and bar code technology will coexist for a long time.

According to this one conclusion, retail to home business, supplying catenary to go up use RFID, use RFID label on tray and bag case namely, in order to realize the library of fast pass in and out of a large number of commodity and inventory management; Bar code technique is used on commodity sale, taste in sheet namely on use a form code, in order to satisfy the requirement of the sale, it is a relatively reliable plan.

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