Riverside of sea southern Asia protects duty port area to will be built presswor
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The State Council approved the riverside of sea southern Asia that establish to preserve duty port area last year in September is foreign hill of domestic afterwards Shanghai, Tianjin east border, the 4th when national approval establishs after bay of Dalian big kiln port area that keep tax.

It is reported, foreign riverside protects duty port area to be able to offer favourable policy, and have border east the geographical advantage of alliance and good haven condition, advantageous international is purchased, exit treatment, entrepot trade, and developing zone of foreign riverside economy pressworks the plan and construction garden of the industry that pack. At present already the investigation group of much home print that includes Hong Kong business to be met inside undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation to this area, thereby investment climate, imprint look forward to is searching new outlet.

The port area that keep tax is our country afterwards establishs development of technology of special economic zone, economy, free tax zone, exit to machine area and after the content that keep tax sheds garden division, open administrative levels the highest, region that runs mode to conform basically with international. Policy of main taxation privilege has inside the area: Foreign goods protects goods of duty, home to enter port area to inspect into haven area execute the goods between the enterprise inside drawback, port area to trade not to sign value added tax and consumption tax with exit.

It is reported, whole ocean riverside keeps tax content of haven exercise, storage will be set to shed treatment of change trains, exit and treatment of research and development to make inside port area wait for area of 4 big functions, will cent period construction, first phase 2.5 square kilometer will close the most quickly at be being sealed by 2008 move.