The whole nation pressworks Beijing of contest of industry profession skill sets
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From organizing committee of Beijing competion area understanding arrives, set offset to be versed in a type of work differs only with countrywide contest, beijing competion area sets 4 type of work in all: The civil graph labour that make, computer composing labour, offset labour (run from opposite directions 4 kinds of offset press and run from opposite directions double-faced make the same score piece of paper BB printing machine two type) , wireless glue orders linkage line worker worker.

Contest of Beijing competion area will press different type of work with be being surpassed first, intermediary heat, final 3 matches level is ordinal undertake. Surpass first by take part in the match organization of company proper motion, intermediary heat, final is organized by the organizing committee. Intermediary heat time signing up is before August 15, groom time is the middle ten days of a month came in August September the middle ten days of a month. Intermediary heat in October the bottom ends, finals in December the bottom ends. Run from opposite directions before intermediary heat of 4 kinds of offset press 6 players, will attend the whole nation to presswork contest of industry profession skill.

Beijing competion area was made relevant commend promotive system. The organizing committee will issue a country to before finals 6 player 2 class (technician) professional qualification certificate, will academic to finals, fact is held all eligible issues a country 3 class (advanced) professional qualification certificate, will issue a country to before intermediary heat 10 players 3 class (advanced) professional qualification certificate. The organizing committee still will award a few players " example of economic technology innovation " , " expert of Beijing youth station " , " Beijing industry is advanced technical expert " , " Beijing (industry) technical expert " wait for a title, outstanding to organizing match achievement unit and industry leader establish award of outstanding organization award, outstanding staff member and outstanding trainer award.