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2007 end, total bureau of national qualitative check was released in succession " the special regulation that controls government about strengthening the product security such as food safety about carrying out < the State Council > the announcement that electron of executive product quality superintends " with " quality of product of fine about doing focal point, the requirement includes " first catalogue item that join a network " 9 kinds big 69 kinds of products are in ode code must come true to appear on the market before the bottom in June 2008; January 2008, total bureau of national qualitative check was announced " electron of first Chinese product quality superintends a net label of alterable bar code pressworks company list " , 47 presswork the enterprise ranks among them, " the electron superintends a code to presswork business management method " come on stage subsequently; In Feburary, total bureau of national qualitative check superintends executive circumstance to release according to product quality electron " the announcement that advances working deploy about producing character to measure an electron to superintend a net 2008 " , to endowing with a code means is mixed appear on the market time undertook adjustment; In April, " code of the 2nd batch of odes pressworks the enterprise recommends list " give heat, 56 presswork enterprise greet; In June, total bureau of national qualitative check pressworks to each province bureau and China technical association, China pressworks reach association of equipment equipment industry to give out " send code of the 3rd batch of odes to presswork about the newspaper the announcement that the enterprise recommends directory " , footstep of it may be said is hasty.

"A bag of false seed, the plan of painstaking melt into that once allowed one year; A bottle of false wine, once let multicoloured world be immersed in darkness; A pail of false milk powder, the smile that once let the child becomes memory " . In July, the eyes of Liu Dehua sadness let everybody remember an electron superintending a code, also remembered that " false really not, false true not, the electron superintends a code, sweep know " .

But realize without how many person it seems that, this is simple " sweep " rear, how many presswork the enterprise does it " disappear gets a person gaunt " .

Business chance still is the crisis

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