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The road that the green of print upgrades

Introductive: On the phylogeny of human chiliad civilization, typographic invention opened the epoch-making canto that culture transmits. Finish 昇 is invented more than 1000 years ago oneself typographic, to today presswork digitlization, the flying development of science and technology makes print produced the change of world-shaking. Henceforth, our country print is returned will forward energy-saving develop with environmental protection respect, transmitting human culture while also be do one's best of protective mankind home.

The worker of the workshop of dark small mill, dirty chaos, unkempt -- come hundreds of years, traditional print, the impression that leaves to people always is such, together with pressworks the raw material that contains harmful material is used in the process, print is regarded as to have the pollution, property that has a harm by people all the time.

However, be in in nearly 20 years of new and high science and technology drive, presswork the technology got spanning the development of type, the reporter pressworks by China from recently technical association sponsors " presswork industrial future develops a seminar " in understanding arrives, print improves raw material and manufacturing technology in whole while, answer actively " protective environment, green industry " age requirement, contemporary print had entered the new age of high-tech, energy-saving, environmental protection.

Green raw material

Mention to presswork traditionally small mill, what can let people think of above all is the printing ink that the nowhere inside the workshop is absent, the printing ink flavour that sends out in the printing ink on the machine, printing ink on typographer body and air, all sorts of printing ink and waste liquid not only contaminate an environment, serious also effect pressworks from personnel of course of study healthy. As some closer year come to this kind presswork small mill is replaced by large dimensions printery place ceaselessly, the print improvement on raw material change quickly, presswork contemporarily raw material from the plate making waste liquid before imprinting, to the printing ink in pressworking, handle to what the organic volatile in working procedure machines after pressworking again, can accomplish easy reclaim, environmental protection and free from contamination.

Plate making waste liquid

The plate making waste liquid of the generation in the working procedure before pressworking is considered as to presswork normally the liquid that contamination has most in making, because contain element of many heavy metal, wasteful metal resource while the body that also meets pair of people causes a harm. Through some closer year of technology that come improve, mix without Yin Feilin avoid rinse, the computer that avoids processing is direct the wide application of plate making technology, make waste liquid discharge capacity reduced % of 96 % ~99, a few liquids that produce at the same time do not contain poisonous material, environmental protection and free from contamination.
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