Two sides label of 3 ground electron (RFID) industry alliance holds water formal
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Recently, the RFID industry of the mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong forms an alliance formally, many 150 industry public figure attended 3 ground to establish a ceremony.

RFID is the English abbreviate of technology of radio frequency identifying, common calls an electron label. This technology 90 time just begin 20 centuries arisen, and in entrance guard control, animal identity identifying, road collects fees automatically wait for a respect to get applied extensively, suffer shopkeeper praise highly fully.

It is reported, this alliance designs carry of information of management center of communal service platform, Taiwan to prepare management by integrated circuit of chamber of commerce of Fujian Province Information Industry, Xiamen the orgnaization such as society and institute of science and technology of trade of electron of Hong Kong university is initiated hold water, will share with 3 ground level, resource is common the means that shares with the market, combine a lab through establishing RFID, establish RFID industry hatch implement, create special fund, drive build demonstrative division of estate of 3 ground RFID, form own intellectual property.