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Of incident of 3 deer milk powder bubbling with noise, let for a time hubbub superintends an incident at the electron of the world weak the range that left people attention, because take the children with poisonous baby toxic milk powder,people cares those more now, who paying close attention to is this incident only then the person that make tomb figure, pay close attention to 3 deer group to produce the doing of around in incident. On September 14, the country pledges Li Changjiang of director of check total bureau also expresses, system of countrywide qualitative check level of 150 many states detects the center is in 24 hours of uninterrupted ground to undertake detecting to milk powder of countrywide infant recipe, can have a result in a day or two, announce entirely to the society. But here, we still want to ask in reply, so great food safety incident, the electron that total bureau of national qualitative check carries out compulsively in food industry for a time superintends a system, in the whole process of incident, whether had a particle be on guard action? If do not have, that superintends systematic effectiveness and rationality this kind, but need to had been close friends really,undertake deliberate!

National quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau a hall and of emperor reason, it is the electron superintends a system to have date from and early-warning function. On December 3, 2007, department of Commerce of total bureau of national qualitative check, country is industrial and commercial total bureau issues an announcement jointly, to products of 9 kinds of 69 kinds of keys executive electron is superintended. Do not explain especially among them, "The technical service orgnaization of electronic superintendency net must ensure of the network move normally and the safety of data information, reliable, active and active the technical servive routine that does fine company to endow with each link such as early-warning of inquiry of cancel after verification of code, approve, consumption, superintendency date from, bulletin into net, product, produce system of date from of quality quantity and food safety to be built as soon as possible, strengthen quality safety to superintend, blow is fake provide effective technical safeguard. " but, in so great like 3 deer milk powder group sex food among safe incident, we fail to discover the electron superintends code and electron to superintend the form of the net however, even if be the action of a few words,do not have discovery! In other words, it is the person that the electron superintends a system and unlike carries out it say that kind is effective, do not have the effect that has to superintend early-warning of date from, bulletin more.

We do not know whether these poisonous milk powder affixed an electron to superintend a code, perhaps do not have, we hope to see this, because this can let person understanding be these products to because do not have,bring into an electron just about at least,superintend a system, just do not have the problem that is existed by seasonable discovery so.
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