Hong Kong Yin Yi learns to establish the friendly get-together of anniversary an
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On September 9, 2008, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Ying Xiangtang of guesthouse of Yu Longbao international holds the friendly evening party that Hong Kong Yin Yi learns to establish anniversary and 25 big Japan, banquet opens 38 place. The evening party with " Let ' SCelebrate " give priority to a problem, and with novel the form that reachs having sth new undertakes. The evening party is chaired by Fang Jiaming of famous brand emcee, scene is lively and live.

Yu Hongjian honorary president and Tan Li turn the chairman is chaired cut cake ceremony

Two sides group photo of 3 ground good friend

Yin Yi society is all previous hold appoint, delegate of homecoming of the friend of new old adviser, big Japan, Beijing University and numerous orgnaization member, member of Yin Yi's individual and abroad guest happily gather under the same roof, the stage appears on the stage to leave interactive show, carouse of talk about the past of new old member, shadow of honored guest friend takes accept as a souvenir. Yu Hongjian honorary president and Wu Guoxian unripe, Mr Li Yide waits for unripe, He Yongxian 8 amount to can achieve conference member to appear on the stage to tell about big Japan to presswork the history and Yin Yi learn phylogeny.

Presswork publication disc bound homecoming of class of Beijing University national condition kind, Li Yocai, Lin Zhenqia's classmate invites 36 classmates Ying Xiewei, participate in celebration evening party enthusiasticly eagerly, obtain send Li Yocai's classmate new book " Yin Yi goes 60 collected works " , perfect.

Area of abroad guest Taiwan pressworks and material exhibits printing machine of director of set out of Lv of consortium of a person of same business of machine data industry, Taipei international China of CEO Chen Zhengxiong, Taiwan pressworks science and technology learns Chen Changlang. Everybody happilies gather under the same roof, in wishing Hong Kong Yin Yi learns the development in future jointly further, for two sides 4 ground print communicates make greater contribution!