" paper of form of intaglio printing base decorate presswork " occupation standa
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QB/T3007, 2008 " paper of form of intaglio printing base decorate presswork " occupation standard, already by China light industrial apply for approval national development and reform committee are approved after federation is authorized (announcement 2008 the 44th) , carry out in the whole nation since December 1, 2008.

The manufacturing need that according to form of intaglio printing paper radical packs presswork industry and technical progress put forward and this standard is made, basically apply to the packing presswork of the paper that gravure craft produces or the multi-layer packaging material that are base material with paper. Through to industry form of intaglio printing paper radical is packed presswork product quality requirement undertake investigating, collect, analysis and research, make and formed this occupation standard, method of the classification that to form of intaglio printing at the same time paper radical packs presswork, requirement, experiment, examine regular, mark, pack, carry etc made a provision.

Shanghai of the unit that draft packs papermaking (group) the decorate of limited company, nation light industry that pack pressworks product quality is supervised detect the federation of Shanghai station, China that pack is packed presswork east wind of city of head of committee, Shan pressworks factory industry of tobacco of limited company, Shanghai pressworks factory, Chang Dejin.

Federation of Chinese light industry collects this standard with other standard, special dispatch (in light couplet put together (2008) 149 article) , the requirement clutchs about the unit do good standard to carry out the job, these mark brigadier are published by press of Chinese light industry.

This standard is by Chinese light industry federation is put forward, develop by country of People's Republic of China and reform commission approval, by countrywide light industry center of the standardization that pack puts in buccal management 's charge.