The 2nd Liaoning pressworks cooperative development congress kicks off in Shenya
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On September 15, with " recommend win-win of brand, collaboration, innovation to develop " the 2nd Liaoning that gives priority to a problem pressworks collaboration develops congress to kick off in Shenyang. Vice-governor Teng Weiping attends the meeting and speak.

In recent years, liaoning province print is in " great seal is brushed " of the concept how-to below, seize the important opportunity that implementation Liaoning promotes in the round closely, through establishing new-style industry outlook, advance industrial confluence ceaselessly, base oneself upon has industrial base, transform promotion convention industry, increase industrial quality and class, presswork production value rises stage by stage, technical innovation and technical progress gain bigger headway, presswork enterprise reform is deepened ceaselessly, presswork development of construction of industrial garden area is rapid, regional presswork industrial center is being formed. Complete last year province realizes printer property production value 21.4 billion yuan, complete province pressworks the enterprise already amounted to more than 7360, print has become Liaoning to save news to publish a on battlefront principal new force.

As inspect Liaoning to presswork industrial development achievement, grand meeting that shows Liaoning to save publication trade figure and cohesive affinity, the 2nd Liaoning pressworks cooperative development congress will hold the 2nd Liaoning to presswork in session collaboration is development forum, contemporary presswork the technology demonstrates meeting, northeast area to pack presswork project action business recommends meeting and the 7th northeast Shenyang to presswork exhibition of equipment of equipment of the technology that pack, presswork for Liaoning enterprise and relevant industry catenary offer innovation of open eye shot, idea, butt joint of business communication, industry, hand in hand the good luck of collaboration, joint development.