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Presswork equipment is to presswork all in all element in company production management activity, it is the hardware resource that the enterprise is in advantageous position in market competition, reasonable configuration and make full use of equipment resource is the industry survives one of critical factors of development. Our country zone is vast, with a vast territory, as a result of a variety of reasons of the history and reality, difference of rate of progress of each district economy is very big, development level is very lopsided. Relatively coastal economy developeds the area, I want western (contain big northwest, big southwest) base of wide region economy is relatively fragile, develop lag, be located in especially western " old, little, edge " area, economic progress level is low, social modernization progress is slow, at present a few ten million have not take off our country impoverished population basically distributings in these areas, it is the model that the area develops after our country economy. The article is alleged " the area develops after economy " point to namely afore-mentioned " old, little, edge " area.

One, the area develops to presswork after economy the current situation of updating equipment

Print is the special trade that links corporeal civilization and spiritual civilization together cheek by jowl, in cultural and ideological progress, the material that loading the publication of work translate into copyright person produces function. Important and special status is had in department of our country numerous estate.

With respect to overall situation, our country print is faced with average per capita to presswork than returning with developed country photograph consumption level structure of low, industry level of modernization of equipment of unreasonable, technology order of not tall, market remains standard, from personnel of course of study quality remains to rise wait for a lot of problem. After technical equipment stale lags behind in economy, these problems developed especially the area is highlighted particularly. Change an area in order to conceive to be exemple, the bosom is changed be located in Hunan western borderland, it is the important union department that progress of our country economy transfers by Dong Xiangxi, rich is rich, traffic is convenient, have tremendous economy to expand space and market latent capacity. But as a result of a variety of reasons, the bosom changes current economy to develop level and it located important tiger summary area advantage pole unworthily.

Presswork for the industry, the bosom transforms whole city existing and of all kinds presswork enterprise 154 (do not contain 3 imprint enterprise) , majority is individual, private enterprise, amount much, dimensions small, equipment is obsolete, companion deepens the times pace that progresses with science and technology ceaselessly as market economy, huai Huayin brushs an enterprise leaving " lead and fire " , enter " light and report " after the times, business updating equipment had great progress, from 20 centuries 90 time begin, invest small, redound low, operation maintains fast, cost simple monochromatic offset press is changed in the bosom got swift and violent development, quarto, 6, octavo, run from opposite directions the backbone force that monochromatic offset press becomes Huai Huayin to brush an enterprise. Accompanying the aggravate of the development of market economy and market competition, at the beginning of 2005, double lubricious offset press begins to enter a bosom to transform the market, the end of the year, 4 kinds of offset press are in first quarto the bosom changes settle, ended Huai Huayin to brush an enterprise to do not have print of color of 4 kinds of offset press, short edition thereby the history that Wu relies on chromatically of monochromatic offset press to print completely. 2006, first run from opposite directions 4 kinds of offset press and bosom of settle of 6 4 kinds of offset press are changed. Should say, huai Huayin brushs enterprise exchange posture to replace facility is monochromatic ability of polychromatic and superfluous, high-grade offset print is not worth ability of cheap offset print badly, the child of great war of the price inside market competition aggravate, course of study. This kind of circumstance should be the area develops to presswork after economy the epitome that the business fits the requirement that market economy grows to undertake updating equipment, can represent the 5 provinces side Huai Huazhou, city at least (area) photograph adjacent county of 50 many ground, city, city pressworks the current situation of the enterprise.
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