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Presswork the enterprise, garrison or certain of proper motion initiate pressworks garden area, not be the mainest with ultimate objective, however new chance in oneself development, a new development platform. Be opposite especially state-owned presswork for the enterprise, presswork garden area is the bridge that strides to contemporary company by old system, old mechanism more.

Traditional and state-owned books and periodicals pressworks the enterprise wants location of displacement of land of have the aid of, change to build, the books and periodicals with onefold before change pressworks management mode, should be in retain original books and periodicals pressworks ability, on the foundation that promotes new craft, new technique capability, change according to intensive specialization develop simultaneously, of all kinds presswork the product is reasonable the principle of layout, make full use of the privilege of the respect such as the custom duty derate that the country uses place of new technique, new facility to give to print gives aid to policy, introduce new facility actively, expedite technical reformation process, ensure " develop publication to presswork steadily, active development packs decorate to presswork, develop other presswork to presswork moderately " . Build presswork industrial garden area, aim dish of work put an amount, optimize increment, exert oneself rises presswork to the industry is spent centrally and enlarge product diversity, wash out backward craft, build and breed a satellite to process a business, measurable move labour force is concentrated model working procedure, keen-witted and capable main body, accelerate print structural adjustment and industry to upgrade thereby pace, develop contemporary print energetically, enhance the manufacturing vigor of the enterprise and market competition ability further.

Have the aid of builds chance of industrial garden area, plan in the round and lay manufacturing cop, especially highway, use the new and high technology such as number, network and means of contemporary production management extensively, transform a company original production mode, stay to will expand henceforth sufficient necessary interface, use IT to be advanced energetically presswork the industry upgrades. In manufacturing management, build digitlization presswork flow and presswork means, increase the innovation capacity of the product, rely on glamour of science and technology to attract a clientele, tarry client. Contemporary print has made the vital component of the Information Industry, want to use this turning point, apply new and high technology and print of tradition of advanced and applicable technical reformation, dog closely science and technology develops, apply new technology of research and development of new and high science and technology, extend new media, spin industrial catenary, enlarge new economic point of growth, raise the contribution that science and technology develops to the enterprise to lead ceaselessly.

Presswork at present in the industry, low end the productivity of the product is already serious and superfluous, miserable intense of competitive it may be said, the condition that lives in this one market worsens already badly, state-owned presswork the enterprise is OK area of garden of have the aid of, push high-quality goods strategy with all one's strength, exhibit skill greatly in new field, develop a La Hai that belongs to oneself. In the meantime, want to rise executive brand strategy and union of high-quality goods strategy, make both each other is rely on, company brand is born because of high-quality goods brightness, high-quality goods because of company brand appreciation; Want an executive high-quality goods the strategy and enhance an enterprise to design ability of ability, new craft research and development to be united in wedlock, make because high-quality goods is designed with backing of research and development constantly get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, replacement upgrades, in a steady stream is ceaseless, research and development and the buildup that because high-quality goods produces consciousness and ability,design are perfected, bring out the best in each other.
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