With the anti-counterfeit labels for home appliances
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Next, home appliances should also have anti-counterfeit labels friends. In order to prevent the abuse of selling false identification cards and fraudulent claims for subsidies phenomenon, home appliances must be "a machine for a card," "card random walk", machine cards correspond exactly to ensure the validity of identification card. Department of Commerce said on the successful over-production and apply for identity card companies, to identify the card as a key regulatory enterprises; on the monthly sales of the chain and cause the system to grow too large sales outlets warning of the record, county, city bureaus shall, in conjunction with site verification of the relevant departments to ensure that sales of home appliances outlets authenticity. On the successful production and circulation enterprises, or otherwise transfer card from spam identification card, a home appliances for more than one identity card product configuration, product configuration does not match the ID cards, home appliances on the allotment of non-identity card, Department of Commerce, together with the Provincial Department of Finance, Provincial Commission by letter (or brought to the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry), as the circumstances to give identity cards to apply for suspension, cancellation bid qualification, withholding of performance bonds, exposure and other penalties. ID cards for illegal purchase of a false sales, reselling identification card, draw card sales record sales outlets, at the county level commerce department to immediately cancel the filing status and successful production and distribution companies traced held responsible.