Great debut of 2010 China International Exhibition printing anti-counterfeiting
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Sponsored by the Chinese security industry associations, professional committee under the support of eight of the "2010 China International anti-counterfeiting technology cum card bills, RFID, label, package, variable bar code printing equipment exhibition" in 2010 On October 14-16 at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center grand opening. Shenzhen Great once again brought the company's star product "Eurotech + AVT slitting and rewinding detection system," the exhibition industry has received a number of professional visitors, many new Label customers showed great interest and cooperation intention. In August 2010, 25-26, at the Fifth security card bills Safety Forum, the Great with the company Eurotech + AVT slitting and rewinding detection system won the "Blue Shield Cup" excellent application security anti-counterfeiting technology Achievement Award. Great independent intellectual property Eurotech slitting and rewinding machines and AVT Helios inspection system combination for India after the automatic detection of labels, according to the established requirements of the end user automatically detect each of shortage Depression, the perfect roll on the monitor every detail of the frame effectively identify and character printing area; allow Indian goods to defect location and removal of control operations. System can automatically classify defects of different quality, and according to operation Set the sensitivity of detection for automatic detection, has become the field of labels and security labels quality standards.