Chinese wine products will be set to e-ID security
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The reporter learned from China's wine fair held here was informed that China will gradually establish alcohol circulation management system, traceability, so that every bottle of wine have an "electronic identity card", a clear record of it from the production, circulation to the hands of consumers of each session, all the electronic information network in the country liquor can trace to the source online, with more convenient technical means to safeguard consumer interests. In recent years, China's booming wine industry as a whole showed the development of sales momentum, according to Commerce Department data, in 2009, the Chinese drink wine production enterprises above designated size reached 5189 million liters, an increase of 6.27%. China's total import and export wine industry has expanded steadily. According to statistics, from 2004 to 2009, China's total imports of alcoholic products from the 246 million increased to $ 1,047,000,000, an increase of 3.3 times. Experts point out that, due to alcohol production, circulation and lower barriers to entry, Chinese enterprises have Jiuleichanxiao "small, scattered, chaotic" phenomenon, the industry is more order in chaos, counterfeiting occur. Secretary, Department of Market Operation Regulation, said Wang Ping-nan, China will begin using the Internet and emerging technologies such things, integration of production, circulation, management information, to establish a "source to be investigated, whereabouts can be traced, the responsibility to study" traceability management of alcohol distribution system. Wang Ping-nan said that the majority of the liquor wholesale liquor distribution companies have implemented a traceability system that came with one, for business entities, distribution channels, sales market alcohol circulation management system, the Trinity has been initially completed. Using Internet technology, the Ministry of Commerce established the alcohol circulation management information system and monitoring system for alcohol distribution industry, the initial registration to achieve the alcohol, alcohol alone, according to a national network attached circulation inquiries, wine distribution industry statistics for the realization of online monitoring Data submitted. China will use 2-3 years to build a nationwide alcohol circulation traceability management system to achieve the alcohol industry and scientific management, effectively curb fake liquor circulation of commodities, consumer protection Yinjiu safety. Enterprises under its own characteristics, radio frequency identification technology to choose, two-dimensional code technology and machines came to play such as tracing a single technology. Established at all levels of the Ministry of Commerce of China Ministry of goalkeeper, provincial, municipal and county levels traceability alcohol circulation management network platform, the platform of the wine into the traceability coding and tracking back, from a wine production, wholesale, retail, consumer all Process traceability management.