Harbin auto parts products to the "identity card" security bar code with indepe
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Harbin part of the maintenance for businesses and comprehensive performance inspection stations operating vehicles on road transport "costs only, no maintenance, does not detect," and so on, Harbin Bureau of Yun Guanchu transport enterprises in the two auto repair auto parts quality assurance tracking system pilot. With the success of two pilot projects, Harbin before the end of this year all the similar enterprises in the installation of the system. This means that, Harbin auto parts on the market products will have "identity." According to reports, Harbin, there are over 50 qualified, to operating vehicles on road transport for maintenance and inspection of the car repair business, but some auto repair companies charge only, no maintenance, no testing, so that some sick road vehicle operation, a security risk. Harbin City Department of Transportation to promote the traceability system has security features, the use of digital anti-counterfeiting technology for electronic registration of auto management, auto parts for each security is assigned a unique bar code, that is, identification technology. As large engines, small spark plugs, all with a unique "electronic identity cards." At the same time, the system has the information integration capabilities, the source of information for each accessories and parts place are recorded in the database in detail, including parts manufacturer, sales of units, unit or individual purchases. The quality of vehicle maintenance in the event of disputes, trade management departments of security number, the source can be quickly and accurately lock parts, consumers only need to enter the bar code or the license plate number, vehicle maintenance can check the records of each repair or replace parts of the detailed information. The system is implemented, will further enhance the quality of the repair business management and control capability, to ensure maintenance of quality, comprehensive track maintenance management, maintenance enterprises to fundamentally change the management model.