Austrian Network technology security certification services in China launched
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Beijing Olympic Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Austrian Network Technology) held the opening ceremony yesterday. Austrian Network (Original 1) the company is Nokia, SAP (SAP) and Giesecke & Devrient (G & D), a joint venture company, to provide authentication services and security products, value-added services. NFC technology is the world's RFID (radio frequency identification) hot technology, the industry was high hopes. Austrian Network Technology completed in 2006, NFC (Near Field Communication) mobile validate the preliminary research and pilot projects, the success will be fireworks NFC technology in Shanghai security, as well as individually packed batteries Nokia security. Nokia customer service center in China are equipped with desktop NFC reader, free networking for consumer inquiries. Counterfeiting is a global problem. According to statistics, the global counterfeiting and illegal transactions account for 6-9% of total world trade. Driven by huge profits in counterfeiting technology is becoming more sophisticated, even as real fakes so that consumers can not determine the quality control personnel, not only to legitimate businesses suffer, consumers are more likely to endanger the health and property . The Austrian mobile bar code verification is another network technology solutions, primarily for low-priced products. Products using a mobile phone camera to read the barcode on the Internet through mobile phones to connect to the network server, the server extract the relevant product information in the database and send back to the phone, an effective solution to the problem of digital security.