Service Olympic Games, attestation industry is acting -- visit China to examine
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Center of Chinese certificate of quality (CQC) it is by the country qualitative check total bureau and country adopt inspect appoint approval is established, be subordinate to belongs to China to examine the professional attestation orgnaization of attestation group, enjoy favorable reputation in home and international attestation domain, attestation client amount resides front row of orgnaization of attestation of first place of countrywide attestation orgnaization, international. The Olympic Games was about to hold in Beijing 2008, work to begin attestation energetically, ensure the success of the Olympic Games, supervisory bureau of CQC and Beijing quality technology, BOCOG, head the branch such as firm of operation of subway of brigade group, Beijing gives full cooperation, with attestation standard business management, improve product quality, tremendous contribution was made in the job that serves an Olympic Games. Recently, the reporter interviewed China to examine with respect to attestation and Olympic Games topic attestation (group) limited company vice-president holds Wang Kejiao of director of center of Chinese certificate of quality concurrently.

Reporter: The Olympic Games is coming, attestation approbates an industry to serve an Olympic Games with real move, support an Olympic Games. Ask you to introduce business of expensive center attestation to be in those who meet Olympic Games side to begin circumstance and taking positive result.

Wang Kejiao: Since CQC holds water oneself, build in order to serve Chinese economy from beginning to end, make ethical attestation brand be a target. The Olympic Games will be held in Beijing 2008, CQC is with attestation technology rely on, the 3 Dali of ” of Olympic Games of Olympic Games of outstanding “ green, science and technology, humanitarian Olympic Games read aloud, finished a batch of attestation servive routine that cooperate with the Olympic Games Organizing Committee in succession, the job that makes preparatory Olympic Games is bit flashier.

For the Olympic Games concessionary product offers attestation to serve. The quality of concessionary management product matters to the Olympic Games the international figure of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, accordingly, ensure the quality safety of the product becomes the significant link that concessionary management product manages the Olympic Games and content. Since March 2006, CQC began an Olympic Games with BOCOG the “ product quality of concessionary product and project of collaboration of administrative service ” . Up to now, concessionary management product involves kinds 13 contracts are big, 19 group, appear on the market type of merchandise is amounted to 6000 many, manufacturing business 67, manufacturing company many 200, countrywide door inn 1000 many, “ toy is involved in attestation job mandatory product of attestation ” , “ is freewill sexual attestation (zoology textile attestation) product of ” , “ detects supplier of ” , “ evaluates market of ” , “ to sample the quality operating ring such as appraisal ” section.
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