The product prevents bogus to supervise administrative measure
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" the product prevents bogus to supervise administrative measure " already national quality was supervised on October 18, 2002 examine conference of Wu of bureau of quarantine total bureau is discussed through, grant to announce now, apply since December 1, 2002. Former State Bureau of Technical Supervision announced in January 1996 " product of the technology that prevent bogus runs way (try out) " (1996 〕 of 〔 of hair of put together of ability inspect bureau 22) abolish at the same time.

Director Li Changjiang
Two years on November 1

General principles of the first chapter

The first controls government to strengthen what prevent bogus to the product, prevent and hit sham illegal activity, maintain market economy order, the lawful rights and interests that protects the product generator, person that use and consumer effectively, basis " standard of quality of product of People's Republic of China " , " byelaw of try out of licence of industrial product production " gift with the State Council national quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau (total bureau of qualitative check of country of the following abbreviation) duty, make this way.

The 2nd is engaged in preventing product of the bogus technology, technology that prevent bogus and the development that prevent bogus to differentiate device, birth in churchyard of People's Republic of China, use, ought to abide by this method. Law, administrative regulations and the State Council have formulary except additionally.

The 3rd country pledges check total bureau is in charge of preventing bogus to carry out centralized supervisory government to the product, product of technology of bogus of complete national defence supervises the office (bogus of complete national defence of the following abbreviation does) the specific executive job that assumes countrywide product to prevent bogus to control government. Technology of quality of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government supervises a department (provincial quality technology supervises the following abbreviation branch) the supervisory management that is in charge of the product inside this canton preventing bogus.

The supervisory management that the 4th product defends bogus is executed by the country qualitative check total bureau consolidates management, relevant section cooperates, intermediary orgnaization is participated in, the principle that the enterprise controls oneself.

Product of the technology preventing bogus that the 5th country acquires lawful qualification to pressing this method, technology that prevent bogus, prevent bogus to differentiate device and the product that use the technique that prevent bogus to offer law protection.

The 6th product prevents bogus to supervise orgnaization of administration, intermediary, technology to evaluate an orgnaization, detect the principle that orgnaization and its staff member must hold to science, just, be practical and realistic, the conservative technology that prevent bogus is secret; Must not fraud of misuse of authority, practise favouritism, divulge or diffuse the technology that prevent bogus is secret.
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