There are two asterisks in information, uniCom is about to deduct money more
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Number 1328375**** (my door renown, my little sister is used) , put in mesa UniCom 's charge to be in May, get a short message, say transmit wants to deduct a yuan of money she is right this short message, editor hind sent a classmate, inquiry of classics detailed list buckles Fei Yiyuan after I do not think this is transmit, go up because of short message of 1 mobile phone, have special transmit key, and we are courses send after the editor 2 I think to pass editorial short message, I can pass myself completely write, hit exactly like short message, reappearance sends but explanation of personnel of UniCom postal service hall, this business belongs to cruel letter, this company belongs to Zhengzhou, still relevant business has cruel bell to wait, the short message feature that cruel believes is there are two asterisks to bolt in the short message (it is rice word key, in the mobile phone left next horn) , although oneself are written, contain two asterisk key, cruel letter is considered as likely also by UniCom system when send, and deduct a yuan of money I think asterisk bolts is every mobile phone on some mutual resource, letter of cruel of and rather than is achieved, cannot collect fees so, last week 4, mesa UniCom the first postal service hall (the position: Railway station) after the staff member records above content by their language, tell the answer inside I am 3 days actively me, at the same time I accuse they, 10010 cannot contact my 0375-301**** (1 I let them be mixed only my small well-informed connection 2 small well-informed belong to a net to connect, phone of their customer service cannot get through) show me to ask to did not give 1 pair the reply inside my acceptance time this one practice, give certain version apologizes namely the 2 embezzlement that stop to encroach public to etc of key of asterisk of public natural resources natural resources, each person has the right that uses public resource correctly. 3 give this UniCom number, the endowment cost of at least 2 times is returned still. Thank