The network is con, also want to bear legal responsibility
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In April 2008 portion when, the netizen that one calls Lin Dezhou (QQ number is 694706819) to me telephone bill of promotion mobile phone develops value business, by " Tang Long international " sponsors say, inside the bank card bugle call that should make Song Fengbo toward only irruptive 240 yuan of money, can have 480 yuan telephone bill, every month gives after 40 yuan rush inside the mobile phone, divide 12 months to give rush, and every promotion goes out a person, still can have corresponding deduct a percentage from a sum of money. This bank card bugle call that makes Song Fengbo is 9558823100004773140, it is the card of industrial and commercial bank. Stemming from me is a student, money also is done not have so much, discovery also has 230 yuan of money only inside bank card, so I call Lin Dezhou with this discuss, see 230 yuan need not, he promised me at that time, say to let me go to Qian Chong in the evening on his card, next he helps me turn again on the labour travel card that is kept to this to call Song Fengbo, help me give 10 yuan of money! Card number of Lin Dezhou is 9558822013001770277, also be the card that work goes, the telephone call that and still flow gave me him 13068848971. Saying is I arrive to money he says to him after that! Because be in the evening, my inconvenience goes out to collect cash, and the bank is further also from our school, so I rejected him, saying is collect money to give him again the following day! After collecting cash the following day, a few are in inside the mobile phone account arrives after the hour 40 money, and the information that still receives hair of Tang Long international! But what did not think of is, now had been May bottom, the mobile phone cost May still does not have account all the time! I am impatient, that calls Lin Dezhou netizen that asks promotion gives me is how to wind an affair, the result that he gives me at the beginning is he also does not know, I ask he receives a telephone bill later, he says he also was not received, tell me to say Tang Long company changes the website after making to be entered next did not go, the website is this Http:// , enter really now did not go. Next how do I ask him me to losing money does? He says avowed and can hapless, who calls me to do not have promotion, do not have gain money, and I develop a telephone bill at that time also is freewill. The feeling is very angry if I listened to him. At the beginning when I am to wanting to also make promotion, but there is a person to say to me in the process of promotion, in case be this month did not give to next month how to do? I think at that time also is, so I decided to be not popularized, see a telephone bill can reach the designated position really first, if be good project, if having fun at after a year, redo falls not late also! Because they are to my acceptance 240 yuan give the telephone bill to 480 yuan,I am of one's own accord, rushed in December! But they broke their promise however now. Give those who developed a month only! I feel besides Tang Long international wants to bear the blame outside, lin Dezhou also should undertake compensatory to me! What he undertakes to me is a kind of commerce con behavior! The hope consumes dimension power network to be able to give me a reply as soon as possible! Thank

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