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Express odd numbers: Computer of notebook of 28 my express mixes F035856550 clothings. When weighing goods, I did not look say, signed up for a kilogram more to me, I looked in the past say to just mend my ways come. A bit afraid at that time, but thinking a person to come over, let them send, so big a company, how won't also wear. Mailed two package at the same time, do not have jotter sent that day in the inquiry on the net, the inquiry that has notebook computer does not have sheet, call ask the member that deliver goods, because that goods is to pass flying accident,he says, so the record gets online the meeting is some slower, can check the following day. I check wrap up to be the following day just give out the following day. Call ask their office, a young lady says support value wrap up is just send the following day (enquire total stage phone later, say without this, should be that day give out)       next I began to await endlessly, wrap up did not have phonic example from this, call to always say to will give you reply tomorrow, ten minutes give you reply, you give reply inside two days, you give reply inside 3 days, perhaps cheat me to say to be detained by aviation total bureau a little while, say to was not detained again a little while. Give me the telephone call this morning, say to lap go back arrives now in their hand. Let me hand in 50 yuan again, they are sent again. I ask a wrap up and express cost return me 200 yuan, they say impossible. Wrap up still is being buckled in their hand now. If say because of jotter the reason that there is battery in computer is detained, so why don't they accuse when deliver goods. Whole thing feels indescribable. The time that delayed me does not say, return persist unreasonably. Do not know how such enterprise does interior government.