Dell sells misdirect consumer to purchase inapplicable operating system
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At the outset the phone of sale Miss Yang Lige of I and Dell purchases Dell computer, tell good operating system to be XP, miss Yang knows we are enterprise user obviously, (had bought before) . Make Miss Yang and my enterprise specific next financial personnel connection. Discover the following day, the hair of mistake of in the contract Miss XP Miss Yang became Vista, instantly bargaining, yang Tong meaning changes Xp, but offer the domestic edition that is Xp, why is I ask the enterprise edition that enterprise user uses, she says enterprise edition is too expensive, and can use, two version function is about the same. Buy enterprise edition to want afresh again remittance. I believed the expert's explanation by accident, accepted the proposal of Miss Yang, along with the discovery in knowing to using a process actually domestic edition, environment of far from applicable business, at receiving the computer contact with Miss Yang the following day. Who knows Dell to let me understand immediately, what is guest of inn big bully. Procrastinate come to also be now can have any settlement.