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Oneself whole world connects number to know a calorie of many name at opening “ whole world in June 2007 (Hong Kong millions of people) ” business. 2008 2, 3, telephone bill of a huge sum discovers surprisingly in the telephone detailed account April (did not know a calorie of many name by the whole world (Hong Kong millions of people) the collection of endowment cost standard of the formula presses international to overflow idle fund to expend standard collection however) , generation collects fees the decuple above of telephone bill of before error amount Yuan Chao 3 months. With respect to above problem, oneself served hall to undertake complaining to mobile book city April 14, 2008, the other side with 48 hours ” of alleged “ reply fails to make effective processing tardy. Urge repeatedly in oneself below, had “ reply ” eventually. Because their reason is caused,the other side admits really did not sign consultative endowment to expend a formula to carry out by both sides, and according to international free idle fund expends standard collection, cause telephone bill of generation a huge sum. According to the " that Shenzhen shift announces external ———— carries out one of 8 big affirmatory " in the round “ collects fees error, times doubler return still serve acceptance, mobile should times doubler return the telephone bill that still receives more. But they reject to press him shift for the categorical ” that with “ this circumstance does not belong to 8 big acceptance however external acceptance undertakes compensate pays. I ask why they don't belong to “ again and again 8 big affirmatory ” give out corresponding article and explanation, but they cannot justify oneself however, do not give out tardy answer. Shift is being hit begin “ sincere letter to serve satisfactory 100” activity, build just, transparent, convenient the banner that consumes environmental ” , actually however duplicity, buy law laws and regulations at disregarding, absurd considers the rights and interests of consumer. This matter up to now already a month went, shift cannot be explanation of his “ affirmatory ” however, the economy that gives me brought a loss, the job, life brought worry, inconvenience. Hope broad whole world connects ” of user “ sharpen one's eyes, serious him check if Fei Qing is odd, in 5 * ” of day of telecommunication of 17 “ international comes during, the lawful rights and interests that is us for —— of ancient bronze mirror with me and battle! ! ! ! ! !