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Today is me most of fire, the Wu Jiang's client that company of hill of my elder brother gave me yesterday sent a sample, because compare urgent, I begin to chase after this sample this morning. Because Suzhou is total terminal, 10:0The 0 woman manners that when the left and right sides calls to amount to Suzhou to go to charm, pick up the telephone are not very good, gotten reply is computer cannot be opened, do not know now in where, then I ask computer became bad what always should repair, always cannot go down so all the time, then I ask when to can have answer probably, but cannot get clear answer, act against one's will I am forced to stay from already the phone requests them to information informs me immediately. Below the circumstance that does not have a message all the time I call to the company goes asking or tell me without the person to them again midday now this express in where. Arrived put forward to want to know where express is only below the circumstance of my client most urgent in the evening they already were taken oneself. The address that does not show my client especially is the boundary of the Wuzhong in Suzhou and Wu Jiang, then I still call to be amounted to to Suzhou charm first (the phone is: 0512-65788223) , they still do not say to give the whereabouts of express, gave my river the telephone call of the company, I call to Wu Jiang (the phone is: 0They say 512-63468079) all express of Wu Jiang send now did not have, I speak the position of my client and phone, final after changing at least 3 people be pick up the telephone femaly the manner can be used only overbearing will describe, "Its " (I do not wish to see her when the person) the answer is this phone be Suzhou have nothing to do with with them, I am very then strange, I am from the express that your company sends Suzhou says Wu Jiang now, wu Jiang says Suzhou, and the fact to me is an urgent document in through you one day hind of company not only did not send, also do not know to who think to be able to be accepted now where, examine minutely in mine below, "Hang up of its " savage land phone. When going, I call the 2nd times is what receive maly I seek the person that a moment ago picked up the telephone whose " its " not by defend oneself hang up phone. Plainspoken when going, calling the 3rd times when me is special life really, this falls still is a moment ago what receive maly the 2nd I examine minutely who a moment ago hanged my phone, "Its " says " a moment ago that female surname s surname, you can how? Do you think you are Hu Jintao? Why cannot hang your phone, have original story you go complaining. Have original story you go complaining.. Such, final result cans be imagined. Already arrived at this moment 2008/5/27 19:40 I call finally to Shanghai head office (phone: 021-52264265) hit N all the time second receive without the person from beginning to end. Now is 20:30, alack, why to meet such, charm is amounted to do too well too big, OK guest of inn big bully? We should like to ask express what is the unripe counterfoil of such service industry originally? I have a few problems to want not to understand: 1, did working computer become bad be repaired? 2, whether can if did not have foster cordial relations between countries to leave mobile phone number clearly in me all the time,I tell below the circumstance? 3, if why this express falls to cannot hit addressee or the telephone call that send a person to affirm because of the circumstance that is located in have a common boundary? 4, check in the client when whether should identify this to cooperate? 5, no matter what reason be whether become express without punctual service and the reason that does not know a footprint? If the problem of above cannot get a very good answer has a problem only then: Wash spade to cut a word into parts to bake Xian Bei card casts aside? this is a musical sound that lets a lot of sincerity amounts to the person's very painful result, also be the result that a lot of a lot charm amount to person place to be caused directly. This also attended very good one class to show era government, perhaps this is a certain number of people after year remember charm amounting to only reason, I pledge my general uses up me to be able to tell above fact as far as possible much person, pay close attention to charm to amount to all the time disappear till it. Be what the person confirms what I say is a fact my former leaves me contact means and can confrontation with all party: ?13405180224 E:LI appeal UOFENGYUN@YEAH.NET strongly finally all people will not go charm to amount to henceforth, because it is undeserved your entrust. Thank everybody!

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