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2008-1-25 day defends inspected 3 easy shopping TV in Jilin see machine of cleanness of mammy happy overturn the heavens is occupied on advertisement have muti_function clean, can the 7 big functions such as purify bigotry besmirch and antiseptic disinfection!
This product revealed its particular characteristic adequately on advertisement, can freezer door the besmirch that go up instantly clean and clean, clean be like new, can the oily be soiled on purify dress and the side outside cleaning a shoe according to having dry-clean function; , inside instantly clean be like new. Call so bought. When receiving a product, hold out glad. Because it has so much function. And customer service personnel also said dissatisfactory but return money,be. Just be at ease so go buying, take a product to be used immediately later. Clean freezer door besmirch, but in resembling advertisement, say in that way. Besmirch is eliminated immediately, do not have a bit change instead, go again clean shoe. Also had done not have with. Include plane of oily spread and sink in, water machine etc, did not see clean result. Phone 010-82684331 at once then, ask how to wind an affair? Client personnel tells me how to be operated, the word that if return,is no good returns money again. Did not wait for me to ask clear the other side hanged my phone.