Storage battery of storage battery car is in guarantee period inside changed to
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What I buy is car of Suzhou peace storage battery just guarantees too period 5 days of other peoples are not done guaranteeing is storage battery became bad was in on May 24 guarantee period one year in guaranteed on March 29 namely period inside storage battery became bad the maintenance station of manufacturer was changed to me an old storage battery still lets, these two months 100 fair did not run to today to go out storage battery of storage battery car is bad, detect storage battery broken. Why to change batteries to meet can run only so 100 come kilometer. I am bought on May 24 last year just protect 5 days to gave on March 24 too now changing is old and the price difference that wants 50 yuan to fill with me even can be returned namely did not ride 100 kilometers bad I had made after service that say they are femaly one year, the batteries that I said to I just was changed a month has not gone to ability more two months and this paragraph of time I did not run left and right sides of how many 100 kilometers. You can have changed what did not protect ability to change so is to be less than two months. She still said to change also is not to give protecting them is to press the date when be being bought newly to calculate. Change new can choose fund to privilege. The storage battery that the supermarket of 100 embellish hair that I am Suzhou buys guarantees one year this year expired on May 24, but storage battery of before two months became bad manufacturer maintenance stood to change want me oldly to fill 50 yuan can arrive to pass to was less than two months to run to 100 kilometers go out the day before yesterday in all today well. Want to go out to see storage battery car rode to be not moved again today. I hit a phone to 6625**** to receive customer service again again Bao Weiquan still does not give really difficult where like 101 customer service! ! ! ! Storage battery car also is moved in the home now also did not move where the friend tells me to want how to do ah 2700 yuan of bought gift buy