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Began on June 1, retail place will be the commodity such as supermarket, bazaar and market trade mart no longer consumer offers polybag freely, what also do not get a sale not to accord with national level is plastic shopping bag. The reporter is mixed in supermarket of Beijing much home the discovery when market trade mart is visited, consumer and businessman understand this one regulation of the country generally, had corresponding the way to deal with a situation severally.

Businessman: Collect fees polybag, not have spin hop-pocket neat go into battle
Be in Beijing, the supermarket such as Le Fu of content beauty, home, Hua Tang, Ou Shang already shined in succession polybag rate is male show a shop sign, enable the “ that collect fees formally polybag of new money ” or without spin hop-pocket. Consumer is over in settle accounts of place receiving silver after buys commodity, the member that receive silver can enquire the polybag that whether needs to collect fees. Buys polybag also meets those who write down consumer shop in little ticket.
According to national level, at present retail place offers goods collect fees the ply of polybag is more than 0.025mm generally, the surface imprints have a body label of information of code, manufacturer home, QS, price and be similar to “ to be protective environment and resource conservation, use the clew set phrase of ” for many times please. The polybag that offers on market at present, those who press size is different, the price differs to 1.5 yuan from 0.1 yuan, bearing highest can achieve 20 kilograms.
Be in the supermarket of bazaar of Hua Tang of Ya Yun Cun, m, L, XL3 is planted the polybag of norms has person choose and buy, and buy mark a price 3 yuan, 5 yuan without the person that spins hop-pocket less, there also were a few people to take bag of hop-pocket, nylon oneself in consumer.
Consumer considers a gentleman to express, be restricted model makes just began to carry out, had not formed the habit that carries shopping bag oneself, at present two, polybag does not consider 3 wool money expensive to be able to be accepted. Li Zhisheng of minister of ministry of business of limited company of business of China candy foreign Hua Tang thinks, be restricted model makes carry out won't cause an effect to the turnover of the supermarket, the proportion that the polybag that collect fees holds in the total expenditure of consumer is lesser.
Collecting fees on shopping bag, a few businessmen also rolled out new practice. According to Ou Shangchao the staff member of city introduces, from May the middle ten days of a month comes lunar base, they are full to shopping 70 yuan guest gives a 1 yuan polybag. Before June 30, there always is damaged in the polybag that Ou Shang buys all can go off with changes freely.
Consumer: Basket of hop-pocket, nylon bag, dish is returned to
On June 1 morning, what peony of area of Beijing rising sun resides is fast buy all sales in community market vegetable, flesh kind, the stall that wait is bean products, cooked wheaten food, commissariat no longer the client offers free polybag. Have quite bag of the hop-pocket that the consumer of one part is carrying oneself, nylon or dish basket will buy food.
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